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Lightning Bling

Well, it was nice while it lasted.  My Tampa Bay Lightning, who have tormented me for the past ten years by playing like they have never seen a hockey puck before, finally got their acts together and reached #1 in … Continue reading

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Manatee Gray

When I first read the news article a few days ago about a woman complaining about Target labeling the color of a plus-size dress “Manatee Gray”, I didn’t get it right away.  My immediate word association with a manatee were … Continue reading

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Hello.  My name is Smirking Cat, and I am a Sephoraholic. Maybe you have never heard of this affliction.  Perhaps it has not affected your cozy, stable community just yet. My addiction used to be restricted to online bingeing,  since … Continue reading

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Hockey Bling

It’s just around the corner.  If you stand silently and close your eyes and don’t breathe, you can actually hear the crackling of excitement on the air, the chill of the ice, the anticipation of the first face-off and the opening … Continue reading

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At long last, and certainly hard-earned, I have finally been promoted at work.  Now comes the fun part: choosing a “happy promotion” present for myself! I have been leaning toward a business card case, since I will be getting new … Continue reading

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Christmas Shopping

I am one of those people that other people love to hate when it comes to Christmas. I am a planner, a list-maker, and I start Christmas shopping sometime in September or October at the latest, with a typed-up list … Continue reading

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Hardest Person to Shop For!

There’s only one problem with Mother’s Day: the mother I have to shop for! This woman does not like flowers (here is a direct quote: “All they do is die”); does not wear rings, bracelets, or most other jewelry; is … Continue reading

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