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Carrier Monkey

Anyone who has worked in a pre-school, or any other environment crawling with little ones, can tell you that kids are full-time germ factories.  The older and bigger ones apparently aren’t much better in that regard: this past weekend, Dove … Continue reading

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Hair Brushes and Ear Infections

When we picked up the kids this past Friday, I groaned when I saw that both Sunflower and Dove’s hair had been shoved into sloppy pigtails.  Last time Crow bothered slapping Dove’s hair into a ponytail, it was because gum … Continue reading

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Sick Day

Lucky me was recently struck with the bubonic plague, the ebola virus, and possibly, though not yet confirmed, whooping cough, all at once, a wild, raging sickness party my exhausted immune system was helpless to resist.  Still, like a dutiful worker bee, … Continue reading

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When I was little, my three brothers and I had to be literally on our death beds to get a day off school.  My mother was a teacher who took her job seriously (both the teacher part and the mother … Continue reading

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Down but Not Out

Wondering where I’ve been lately? I’ve been in the strangleholds of the bony death grip of the bubonic plague, or at least, what certainly feels like it. My head is as heavy as a bowling ball and throbs with a … Continue reading

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