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Sidney Crosby’s Pigtails

Considering my Lightning were out of the running before the puck was even dropped on opening night, I haven’t watched many hockey games this past season. There’s only so much humiliation a hockey fan can take, and cheering for the … Continue reading

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Self-Destructing in 3, 2…

My blog is set to self-destruct if I go too long without talking about hockey, so hurry! Say something hockey-ish! Let’s see…today is none other than Sidney Crosby’s 21st birthday! That’s certainly heart-warming…okay, now let’s talk about real hockey players. … Continue reading

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I didn’t catch Game #3, so imagine my disappointment when I clicked over to, hoping to read how Detroit crushed Pittsburgh, chewed them up, and spit them out…and instead read that Pittsburgh won 3-2! Please tell me this is … Continue reading

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Pretty Sidney

Tee hee…take a peek at Sidney Crosby trying his damnest to look fierce, bold, and mighty. Yep, it gave me a good chuckle too. There, there, Sid, don’t worry your pretty little head about my good-natured jab at your lack … Continue reading

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I Don’t Like Sidney Crosby

The Lightning were pistol-whipped and mercilessly left for dead by the Carolina Hurricanes the other night, losing 5-1, and if they can stagger back to their feet in time, they will try their fate with the Pittsburgh Penguins this evening. … Continue reading

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