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Compared to You…

While my stalker was deep-throating my blog over the weekend, frantically salivating through the archives of my blog, digging desperately through posts from last year, and bingeing on old comments she has read over and over… …I was out of town, enjoying a … Continue reading

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How Does It Feel?

I must admit to the occasional moment, probably due to random hormonal shifts or a temporarily misfiring synapse, when I actually feel a small twinge of sympathy for Crow.  Yes, believe it or not, sometimes, briefly, I do feel sorry for … Continue reading

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Hey, Stalker

Dear My Indefatigable Stalker, We simply can’t keep meeting like this: February 6th 2009 09:06:47 AM February 6th 2009 09:08:04 AM February 6th 2009 09:52:39 AM February 6th 2009 10:46:38 AM February 6th 2009 02:03:31 PM Feb 6th 2009 04:02:00 … Continue reading

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