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She Sucks as a Stepmom, Too

For countless years, I have been heavily criticized and insulted at every turn for each action, word, and breath inhaled as a stepmom-in-training.  (Gary and I will be celebrating ten years together this summer, so pardon me if I actually … Continue reading

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The Perfect Mother’s Day Card

How unfathomably difficult it must be for the poor children to find that one, perfect Mother’s Day card for Crow!  Can you simply imagine their distress and woe?  I mean, where on earth could they possibly discover, in the golden … Continue reading

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Math Workbook Love

I was sitting at the kitchen table with Dove, helping her with questions in the first-grade workbook we bought to give her a boost with her school work, when Bear, who is 10, sat down with us too.  He jumped … Continue reading

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Not that Mama

Last week Gary and I volunteered at an end-of-the-year event for Sunflower’s class.  It was a beach theme, and the class had 10 different fun activity tables the kids rotated through in small groups. Gary was in charge of a water activity, … Continue reading

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"Second Chances": The Ex’s Blog

Who would have guessed that Gary’s ex and I share a passion for the book Divorce Poison? Granted, this surprising mutual interest didn’t appear to exist until after her repeated visits to my profile to scan my interests, and after … Continue reading

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