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Moving Forward

You may have noticed that my blog posts are getting farther and farther apart.  I’ve joked before that my blog is a whatever-I-feel-like-today blog, with no specific focus or purpose.  I like it that way.  Some people follow my blog … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day…to All Mothers

At the gym, a woman came up to me and told me she saw me, Gary, and the kids riding bikes and walking near the gym the other day.  She said she thought all of us together looked so sweet, and … Continue reading

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One Rule

There’s no shortage of advice, rules, opinions, and mandates for how a stepmom should act, feel, behave, and think. There are blogs, message boards, books, websites, guides, endless lists of do’s and don’ts. In fact, everyone seems to be an … Continue reading

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What if the Kids Read Your Blog?

It’s not unusual for stepmoms frustrated by what they see to keep a blog documenting their struggles or venting their feelings. It’s not unusual for like-minded people to offer support, advice, or simply “I know how you feel”. It is … Continue reading

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Worth It

Relationships, one on one, are hard enough. Loving a man with children from a previous marriage ups the ante. Toss in an ex who refuses to even feign sanity, and you have never-ending drama and bottomless stress. Why stick around? … Continue reading

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Stepfamily Letter Project

I found The Stepfamily Letter Project blog today, and it is riveting, reading the angry, raw, emotional, honest words mingled with words of thanks, expressions of love and gratitude, all of it painfully close to the heart for many of … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day! It’s right around the corner, and I can already smell the overpriced roses and the make-you-gain-ten-pounds-right-before-you-squeeze-into-kinky-lingerie chocolates. On this heavily commercialized and oversentimentalized day of celebrating love, obligatory sex, and raking in a pile of bucks from … Continue reading

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