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Sylvester and the Killer Duck

I often find myself defending my ball-of-fluff cat, Sylvester, who is frequently accused of being brain-dead, evil, the spawn of Satan, mentally deranged, flat crazy, or all of the above at the same time, usually by Gary.  Every time Sylvester barrels … Continue reading

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Hell Cat

The other night, Gary and I were minding our own business, relaxing innocently in the living room, when suddenly a manic blur of black and white fur exploded into the room, zoomed to the far wall, ricocheted, and rocketed back into … Continue reading

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Little Mommy

My cat Sylvester has a personality only a mother or a crazy cat lady could love. He is at times a wild kitten with gigantic eyes, chasing invisible items in the air and racing around the house at 100 miles … Continue reading

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Typically a mild-mannered, gentle, and well-behaved cat, Rosie showed us his disturbing dark side when his Christmas stocking gift of catnip was poured onto the carpet. His usually friendly, alert eyes became large as dinner plates, glowing and wild. He … Continue reading

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Dr. Sylvester & Mr. Hyde

I’ve written about our cat Sylvester before (and by “our cat”, I really mean “Gary’s cat”), and you may have come away with the impression that Sylvester is crazy, mentally unstable, a nutcase, and best left heavily medicated in a … Continue reading

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Three Cats for Sale!

Full moon? Catnip? Illicit drugs? Spontaneous genetic mutations? I’m not sure what is responsible for the horrific behavior of our three cats lately (well, more horrific than usual), but today Gary suggested we pack ’em up to the Humane Society. … Continue reading

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Our Christmas tree lasted all of about 15 minutes, thanks to our hell-spawn demon disguised as a cat, Sylvester. Not long after the tree was up and the lights lit, Sylvester was magnetically pulled to it by his internal destruction-homing … Continue reading

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