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I am not a big holiday person (except Halloween, but truly, what mortal could resist a holiday that allows one to decorate with gigantic spiders, skulls, and zombies, and have a perfectly acceptable excuse for mass consumption of mini Mr. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Wish

Thanksgiving has quietly and unobtrusively become my favorite holiday.  Thanksgiving is like the quieter, less flamboyant sibling among the holidays: no gaudy lights or flashy decorations, no fanciful stories of being good or else not getting loads of presents, no … Continue reading

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The other morning, I dropped Gary off at work. He told me that as soon as he walked into the office, a woman who had been standing nearby asked him, “How do I get that?” He didn’t know quite what … Continue reading

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After a hectic, stressful week of too much going on and being sick to boot, I was walking past Gary yesterday evening when he just reached out and put his arms around me. I sat down with him, and we … Continue reading

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