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I am not a big holiday person (except Halloween, but truly, what mortal could resist a holiday that allows one to decorate with gigantic spiders, skulls, and zombies, and have a perfectly acceptable excuse for mass consumption of mini Mr. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Weekend

The good: pumpkin pie The bad: My Steelers lost to the Browns. The good: Gary’s Alabama team destroyed Auburn, 49-0! The bad: It’s Monday morning, and the alarm went off waaaaay too early. The good (a.k.a, the best): Gary and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Wish

Thanksgiving has quietly and unobtrusively become my favorite holiday.  Thanksgiving is like the quieter, less flamboyant sibling among the holidays: no gaudy lights or flashy decorations, no fanciful stories of being good or else not getting loads of presents, no … Continue reading

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A Real Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving sneaked up on me as my favorite holiday.  It used to be little more than a day off school or work, and really, who can find any fault with a holiday noted for copious consumption of pumpkin pie (preferably … Continue reading

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I am Thankful for…

* …my cat Tweetie still being with me after a serious health scare. I cherish his purr and his attitude problem every day. *…Gary, who loves me and puts up with me even on days I tell bad-but-funny-to-me jokes or … Continue reading

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So Much to Be Thankful For

The other night, Gary asked me to read my private blog out loud to him, something we used to do all the time, and something we’ve both missed. I went all the way back to April and found myself choked … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m a few days early, but I’m not sure how often I’ll be online this week, so here are my happy Thanksgiving wishes to all of you! I am thoroughly enjoying having Gary at home again, and more than any … Continue reading

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