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Where Have They Gone?

When I first started this blog, I wrote fast and furious, frantic and ferocious, venting and complaining and ranting, hashing over the joys (ahem) of dealing with a jealous, self-absorbed womb-for-rent who refused to let go of a man who … Continue reading

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To-Do List

Even on weekends, I swear by a to-do list.  Call me obsessive-compulsive, but I don’t feel sane unless everything I need to do is written down, and what is more satisfying than crossing each item off as they are completed? … Continue reading

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How Many Days?

Yesterday I overheard one of the kids asking, “Daddy, how many more days do we have with you?” When he said, “Seven,” I heard one of the kids say, “Then after that it’s only six.” The excitement faded and a … Continue reading

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What Difference Does a Year Make?

Writing the date lately, I get a creeping feeling of deja vu. Looking at the calendar, I am in disbelief that it has been 11 months since Gary was arrested, since we were separated for 7 months, almost a year … Continue reading

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A funny thing happened once we knew a specific day that Gary is coming home: time completely, absolutely, maddeningly came to a standstill and is inching along like that annoying putt-putting car in the passing lane that makes me drum … Continue reading

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