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Your Own Life

One of the most important life lessons I have learned in the past five years or so, I actually have to credit to Crow.¬† Watching her permit her entire life to¬†revolve around the past, watching her sink farther and farther … Continue reading

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Good Heart

Watching Gary last week after the car accident, watching him tend to everyone and make sure everyone was okay as best as he could, I thought about how it was far from the first time I saw Gary immediately help … Continue reading

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Long before I met Gary, long before the pointless drama that is now dragged into our lives on a routine basis, long before I ever heard phrases like “parental alienation” or “malicious mother syndrome”, I have written a blog as … Continue reading

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If the Shoe Fits…

Back when I first started this blog and the Smirking Cat was still a mere wisp of a kitten, I posted the Common Sense Disclaimer: You voluntarily chose to visit my blog. You are unrestricted from leaving at any time … Continue reading

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True or False?

Here’s a little game: Three of the statements below are completely, utterly made up from the fathomless recesses of my imagination. One of the statements is 100%, old-fashioned truth! Can you tell which one is true, and which ones are … Continue reading

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