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Tweetie and Our Hearts

Ever since my cat Tweetie died a few months ago, Dove has asked me more than once, “When is Tweetie coming back?”  I can’t stand the idea that she may think he is waiting somewhere for me to come and … Continue reading

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Hockey Cat

Less than two weeks to the regular season opening game! I am excited but also a bit sad. My buddy during hockey games, Tweetie, won’t be with me this year. He liked to climb into my lap as I settled … Continue reading

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Dear Tweetie…

Over 14 years ago, you chose me. You waited at my back door like you already knew me, and I’m sure you were not surprised when you ended up in the house and in my heart. My mother calls you … Continue reading

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Me vs. the Cat

I’m starting to believe at least one of the kids is more interested in seeing our cat, Tweetie, than in spending wholesome, quality time with me. Call me paranoid, but… 1. Gary handed Dove, who is 4, the phone recently … Continue reading

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Now THAT’S Comfy

No one knows how to get really comfy quite like a cat, and Tweetie, with his countless hours of intent, studious napping, is a certifiable pro. His bed is constructed of 3 blankets folded up to make as soft and … Continue reading

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Three Cats for Sale!

Full moon? Catnip? Illicit drugs? Spontaneous genetic mutations? I’m not sure what is responsible for the horrific behavior of our three cats lately (well, more horrific than usual), but today Gary suggested we pack ’em up to the Humane Society. … Continue reading

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Nine and a Half Lives

I took Tweetie for a check-up and to re-evaluate his medications yesterday, and when the vet walked into the exam room, he smiled as soon as he saw Tweetie. My Tweetie wasn’t able to lift his head or move a … Continue reading

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