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Gun Control

So, who wants to talk about gun control?  Well, what about abortion, religion, and debating Obama vs. Trump? Nah, me either.  I wish everyone on Facebook would get on that same page and get back to posting funny cat videos, … Continue reading

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Are you wondering why I haven’t written a hockey post in a while, or were you just enjoying the blissful silence and the hockey-free conversation?  It’s quite simple: I knew a long time ago my Lightning were not going to … Continue reading

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Have you ever stolen from your kids?  Ever gleefully robbed the little munchkins blind?  Hey, hear me out!  Obviously there must be some wild thrill to it, because Crow does it like it’s going out of style. As long as … Continue reading

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Junk Mail

Have you ever heard of the Southern Poverty Law Center? I never had until I received a thick letter in the mail the other day.  Sounds like a decent, charitable company doing good, humanitarian work, right?  I thought so until … Continue reading

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Spiders and ER’s

When a neurotic, borderline personality-inflicted nutcase is desperate for attention, you will know it.  Trust me.  I have been living with Crow in our lives, wanted or not, for over a decade now, so I am a bit of a … Continue reading

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While I am an equal-opportunity venter, I tend to generally steer clear of politics here because there are already so many venues for people to shove their political beliefs onto the world.  Why add another?  But today I will make … Continue reading

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Hockey will always be my first love (go, Lightning!), but I have been having a pretty hot fling with football the past few years. My Steelers don’t always make this love affair a pleasant one, but I graciously won’t bring up … Continue reading

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