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Block the Bitch

Not long ago, I read a blog post that got me thinking.  The woman wrote about her husband’s sanity-challenged ex-wife leaving a catty comment on her facebook page.  The woman was distraught about the comment and apparently turned to the … Continue reading

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It’s a miracle! By the grace and glory of higher powers, by the wonders and marvels of modern science, our bike-wrecking child who hobbled feebly into an emergency room yesterday morning, blind and almost paralyzed, perched at death’s door, is … Continue reading

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What Does It Feel Like?

There are many things I have observed over the past several years that leave me incredulously wondering. I honestly don’t understand and can’t grasp wanting to live life the way some people do. What does it feel like to voluntarily … Continue reading

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This past weekend, I held the kids, I watched them play, I looked into their dancing eyes as they talked, laughed, watched TV. I tried to see them the way other people in their lives see them, as faceless, not … Continue reading

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Unwilling Spies

“I feel caught every time I go visit my father. I come home and I am bombarded with twenty questions.” This is a quote from a child caught between divorced parents (borrowed from Adolescents After Divorce by Christy Buchanan). Ms. … Continue reading

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