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Vet Adventures

Yesterday was a day of trial and tribulations, of insurmountable challenges and great tests of my patience and will.  Yes…it was time to take both cats to the vet.  At the same time. The fun started with cramming two large, … Continue reading

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Nine and a Half Lives

I took Tweetie for a check-up and to re-evaluate his medications yesterday, and when the vet walked into the exam room, he smiled as soon as he saw Tweetie. My Tweetie wasn’t able to lift his head or move a … Continue reading

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Sylvester, The Vet, and Trickery

Yesterday was finally Sylvester’s turn to be dragged to the vet against his will. I had been dreading this trip because Sylvester, though pushing 3 years old, insists on clinging to perpetual kittenhood, preferably the scatter-brained, wired, semi-insane stage. Gary … Continue reading

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Smirking Cat Goes to the Vet

The official Smirking Cat mascot, Rosie, was gracefully escorted to his awaiting chariot and whisked off to the vet office yesterday for a pleasant evening of tea, crimpets, and casual chit-chat……or, okay, maybe it was more like Rosie shot me … Continue reading

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My baby

Yesterday morning I got one of those calls you never want to get. Gary called me at work, and he sounded tense and worried as he said, “Tweetie is acting funny.” My oldest cat, my sweet baby, had been sleeping … Continue reading

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