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Birthday Marathon

This weekend, it begins: the Smirking Cat-Gary Family birthday marathon!  From the end of October through the end of December, we have four…count ’em, four… birthdays to celebrate in addition to Christmas.  I start shopping for the streak at the … Continue reading

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It was another blink-and-it’s-over weekend.  All four of the kids seemed extra affectionate this past weekend, not that I’m complaining.  I will take extra hugs, lap-sitting, jokes, and “I love you”s any time. The better the weekend goes, though, the … Continue reading

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The New Shed

There comes a time in nearly everyone’s life when one must face the harsh truth, suck it up, and simply admit to stark reality: I have too much stuff for one house. So Gary and I spent quality time recently … Continue reading

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Smirking Thor

You are most like Thor. You are strong, good looking, and ambitious. Though slightly immature at times, especially when you don’t get what you want, you are loyal to the bone and will always stand for what’s right. You are … Continue reading

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The Phone

This past weekend, Gary ran to the store with Wolverine and Dove.  Sunflower wandered by the bedroom and noticed Gary’s cell phone still sitting on the dresser. “Oh, Daddy left his phone here,” she told me.  “Should I call him … Continue reading

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Typically, my obessive-compulsive, Type-A personality takes over even on weekends, with shrill alarm clocks, lengthy to-do lists, and a frantic pace, checking things off as I go.  This past weekend, though, I didn’t even set the alarm.  Gary and I stayed in … Continue reading

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Flip the Bird

While I was trimming Dove’s fingernails this past weekend (since, apparently, fingernail clippers do not exist in Hickville, along with soap and shampoo and other basic tools of hygiene), Dove chose the moment to offer me some multicultural education. She stuck out … Continue reading

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