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Compared to You…

While my stalker was deep-throating my blog over the weekend, frantically salivating through the archives of my blog, digging desperately through posts from last year, and bingeing on old comments she has read over and over… …I was out of town, enjoying a … Continue reading

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I Have No Authority

After a rowdy afternoon at the park, Gary, the kids, and I went to Dairy Queen yesterday for ice cream.  The kids love the high tables with the chairs that are more like bar stools, so we grouped around one … Continue reading

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Hobbling to the Garden Center

This past weekend, I finally heeded the temptation to dig in the dirt, hit the garden center, and do something with the wasteland also known as our front flower beds.  On Saturday I dragged the trash can to the front … Continue reading

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It is official: Mondays are extra painful after exquisite weekends.  Gary and I left civilization behind this weekend and struck out on my first-ever camping trip, and I enjoyed every minute.  I strolled around in my hiking boots and backpack … Continue reading

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Petting a Shark

This past weekend, Gary and I visited the aquarium.  As we bought our tickets, the woman at the counter was quite clear which touch tanks were safe to reach into and which tanks were off limits.  Just in case we spaced … Continue reading

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Tilt-a-Whirl and Funnel Cake

When Gary and I picked up the kids on Friday evening, we told them we had a surprise for them.  One of the first guesses was “You got another cat!”  Ummm, no.  The two we have are bad enough without … Continue reading

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This past weekend, Sunflower and Dove donned their kid-sized gardening gloves and joined me in the yard for some old-fashioned manual labor. As we yanked weeds, trimmed bushes, and laid to rest the plants that long ago succumbed to the … Continue reading

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