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Not-so-Despicable Movie

No spoilers, no endless movie review, just a note that Despicable Me is well worth the price of a ticket. It was a bit slow to get moving, but once it does, it is funny, sweet, touching, and entertaining. Gary, … Continue reading

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Daddy in Training

This past weekend, I was gearing up to work out at home when Wolverine, who is 11 but sometimes going on 41, cast an unapproving glance at my shorts and asked me, “Don’t you think those are a little short?” … Continue reading

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My Comedians

All Gary and the kids needed this past weekend were a stage set and a few microphones. They had me laughing all weekend with their one-of-a-kind comedy routine. At a park with a lake, Sunflower insisted there were sting rays … Continue reading

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Not Bad

Saturday morning. No alarm clock. Wrapping up with Gary and the occasional cat who butt in. Letting Rosie steal my pillow. Not even getting dressed until 11 AM. Definitely not a bad way to start a day!

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The Way It Should Be

Some weekends, it’s as if everything falls into place and it all just feels right somehow. This past weekend was one of those. When the kids were dropped off Friday evening, I walked out with Gary and watched each of … Continue reading

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Red Lipstick and Goatees

Within minutes of the kids arriving this past weekend, Sunflower dove into a complete makeover of her daddy, applying red lipstick to his mouth so heavily that I thought we would surely need a spatula and paint remover to scrape … Continue reading

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One more hour until I am sprung from my cell, I mean, until I can leave work! I’ll have just enough time to drop my stuff, say hi to the cats, hug Gary, and then the front door will burst … Continue reading

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