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Ten Years

Out of curiosity, I scrolled back to see when I wrote the first post on this blog. Well, hey!  It just happened to be in October of 2007.  Wow, my first post here was 10 years ago. Most of the … Continue reading

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Face Cream

The other evening, Wolverine was being silly and goofing around.  He wrapped a blanket around his face like a cloak, used his best, gravelly, old-person voice, and announced to us in an exaggerated accent, “I am a very, very old fortune-teller.  Would you like … Continue reading

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Today, Wolverine has left the world of kiddie land and has strutted bravely into the realm of teenager…thirteen years old!  Does anything make you feel older than a child becoming a teenager? Gary and I jokingly call Wolverine “Little Daddy” because, as … Continue reading

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Daddy in Training

This past weekend, I was gearing up to work out at home when Wolverine, who is 11 but sometimes going on 41, cast an unapproving glance at my shorts and asked me, “Don’t you think those are a little short?” … Continue reading

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Wolverine: 11 Going on 41

The last birthday of the year brings us to Wolverine, who turns 11 years old today. The oldest of the kids, Wolverine is deeply, powerfully sensitive, and he reminds me of an insect with gigantic feelers, testing out your mood … Continue reading

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