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Spare Me

Facebook and several other websites have reminded me multiple times that today is International Women’s Day.  I consider myself proudly and unabashedly feminist, but I just can’t get into hoorah-girl-power days like this one.  Maybe the vagina-hat-wearing jackasses ruined it … Continue reading

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You’re Beautiful, Just Like Everyone Else!

We’ve all seen the Dove “Real Beauty” advertisements, women of all sizes and colors posing cheerily in bright white underwear, touting body wash, lotion, deodorant, shampoo, and other products from Dove.  I never paid much attention to their Real Beauty … Continue reading

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"Love Triangle", My Ass

If I strolled up to you at this very moment, clad in a disguise after following you across a dark parking lot, and I blasted you in the face with pepper spray yet claimed I just wanted to talk with … Continue reading

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Jailhouse Waiting Room

Every weekend, for the past 5 months, I have spent a sizable chunk of my time sitting in an uncomfortable chair in the dirty, cramped waiting room of the jail, watching an hour and a half of my life march … Continue reading

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