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Sick Day

Lucky me was recently struck with the bubonic plague, the ebola virus, and possibly, though not yet confirmed, whooping cough, all at once, a wild, raging sickness party my exhausted immune system was helpless to resist.  Still, like a dutiful worker bee, … Continue reading

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At long last, and certainly hard-earned, I have finally been promoted at work.  Now comes the fun part: choosing a “happy promotion” present for myself! I have been leaning toward a business card case, since I will be getting new … Continue reading

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A Neat Desk

Last week, I was sitting in a currently vacant office at work, updating the computer, when I heard my boss calling out from my office: “Is Smirking Cat here?  Did she leave for the day?” I leaned back in the … Continue reading

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Adult Diapers

Ever have one of those days where the so-called grown-ups around you are in dire need of a binkie, a warmed-up bottle, and a fresh diaper? One of my co-workers has latched onto my last nerve today and has been … Continue reading

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Clone Me!

Quick! I need a clone! And what unfathomable joy would be introduced to the world with more than one of me? Don’t answer that, but hear me out. Work has been unbelievably, impossibly busy, and it would take more than … Continue reading

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It Was My Cat’s Fault!

Dear Boss Lady: Please allow me to explain why I was a tad late this morning. I am certain, after you read this, you will completely understand. As I hustled to my front door on my way to work like … Continue reading

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Sometimes It’s Good When They Talk About You

This morning, my boss, a very blunt and to-the-point individual, wandered into my office and commented, “Oh, I had a conversation with one of our board members about you yesterday.” Why is it that statements like that make me automatically … Continue reading

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