This blog spans several years, so if you are a new reader, or just haven’t read all 800+ posts (yet), you may need a Cliff’s Notes version of the history of me, this blog, and why I write.

Long before I met Gary, I kept a blog with a grand readership of maybe one (myself). I barely wrote on it, and I had even thought of just deleting the whole thing.

Then a mixed blessing happened. After I met Gary, his ex became my #1 fan (a.k.a., obsessed stalker). After stalking me online, she found my blog, and voila! My blog suddenly was world-famous!

A blog no one read was suddenly overrun with nasty comments (loaded with typos, mis-spelled words, and the wit of road kill). When *gasp* I had the nerve to post that I was angry about being falsely reported to DCF by I-wonder-who, his ex thought she struck gold.  Long story short, my blog was used unsuccessfully in several attempts to keep the kids from being able to spend time with me.

As a courtesy, even though her histrionics were unfounded, I deleted that blog in 2007. I decided to start a new blog, and the name “Smirking Cat” struck me as kind of cool.  Gary’s cat, Rosie, posed as the mascot, and my cover model was born.  His sidekicks, Tweetie and Sylvester, also grace my blog pages.

Naturally Gary’s ex (let’s call her Crow, so I don’t have to keep typing “Gary’s ex”) complained about the new blog, too.  The truth does not sit well with some people, but Smirking Cat is here to stay.

This blog chronicles a journey over several years, sometimes funny, sometimes painful, but always honest.  This blog is about me, but also about Gary, the kids, our family.  This blog is about hockey when the mood strikes, about cats too, at times.  And this blog is about keeping love alive in the midst of a battle waged by a jealous person who can never truly have it.  This blog, then, is also a victory over the spitefulness and hatefulness that is hurled at me, at Gary, at the kids, and how we stay together and rise above.

My blog, once barely active and something I paid little attention to, has become a source of support and enjoyment for me since its rebirth as The Smirking Cat. There is a great community out there, and had Crow never pitched a fit about my old blog, I would never have dived so deeply into the blogging world and found out what it has to offer.  I only hope my words, experiences, and rants offer something back to my readers.

Thank you for reading!

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