About My Blog

Is this a stepmom blog?  A hockey blog?  A cat blog?

At times, all of the above.  Other times, none.  Depends on my mood and what comes to mind.

In a nutshell, I am a cat-lover, a sister, a fiance, stepmom, an impatient driver and a Tampa Bay Lightning (and Pittsburgh Steelers) fan.  I love to read, garden, write, learn.  I love the color purple, forensics books, and all things leopard print.

Over ten years ago, I met Gary and then his four kids.  Needless to say, becoming part of the children’s lives changed mine dramatically.  It would be impossible to write about my life and not also write about Gary and the kids.

My blog is my personal space to record, observe, and question.  One thing my blog will never be is untrue, either in facts or to myself.

1 Response to About My Blog

  1. Karaboo says:

    Welcome to your new home!! I can’t wait to read more!

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