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Gary and I check the kids’ school grades online every day, and it’s become impossible not to see a glaring trend. Their grades, particularly Dove’s, soar and plummet, spike and fall, based on the last time they were with us. … Continue reading

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This morning, as I was rushing to get ready for work, I happened to pause at the bathroom door and turned to glance back at Gary.  He was sitting on the edge of the bed, cell phone in hand, intently … Continue reading

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Mixed Messages

Where did summer break go?  The kids are trudging back to school around here already.  In case you are tempted to tsk-tsk sympathetically and pity them for being back in school in August, don’t: they more than make up for … Continue reading

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The E-Mail

The other day, we received an email from one of the kids’ teachers, thanking us for working so hard with the kids and their school work, and for supporting their teachers.  Something so simple, such a small gesture, is momentous … Continue reading

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Jail Break

I have mentioned before, several times in fact, that the witless hick town the kids were dragged to after the divorce is little more than a glorified barnyard populated by inbred cattle tottering on two feet.  It is not a … Continue reading

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Living an hour from the kids, Gary and I rely on the school’s online system to keep up with the kids’ grades.  It’s an imperfect system, since some of the teachers seem to wait until the end of the nine … Continue reading

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Bowling Adventure

The best thing for a splitting headache, I learned today, is to chaperone a herd of hyper and loud little kids on a bowling field trip.  Okay, I don’t really recommend that as an effective remedy, but I made it through … Continue reading

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