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Is She Proud?

After being a part of the kids’ lives for over 11 years, they are bound to pick up at least some of my habits, mannerisms, and ways of doing things.  Sometimes it’s completely awesome (like Sunflower organizing her dresser drawers … Continue reading

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What Lie Should I Tell?

Right before we loaded into the car to drive back to Hickville yesterday, Dove sought me out and asked me, “What am I supposed to tell Mama about this?”, holding up her hand. I didn’t know what she meant and … Continue reading

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Good Heart

Watching Gary last week after the car accident, watching him tend to everyone and make sure everyone was okay as best as he could, I thought about how it was far from the first time I saw Gary immediately help … Continue reading

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How Does It Feel?

I must admit to the occasional moment, probably due to random hormonal shifts or a temporarily misfiring synapse, when I actually feel a small twinge of sympathy for Crow.  Yes, believe it or not, sometimes, briefly, I do feel sorry for … Continue reading

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Glad She Hates Me

It’s not newsworthy to me, to my readers, and especially to the kids that the children’s mother claims to not be terribly fond of me. What she is willing to admit to as the reasons for her distaste, however, are … Continue reading

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If You’re Going to Lie, Can You Do It Intelligently?

Why is it that if a person lies frequently enough, they seem to believe that the common sense, intellect, and critical thinking skills of those to whom they spoon-feed their endless buffet of lies are permanently depleted? Nearly a year … Continue reading

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Best Interests, Take 3

Happy blogoversary to me! I may surprise myself with roses or lingerie later. Three years of Smirking Cat, and I love me just as much as the first day… Speaking of loving the Smirking Cat, once upon a time about … Continue reading

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