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Some things never change.  Last weekend, Bear showed up with broken glasses for the second time in less than a year.  Last time, Gary and I graciously pointed out that the eye doctor we take him to has a branch … Continue reading

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Have you ever stolen from your kids?  Ever gleefully robbed the little munchkins blind?  Hey, hear me out!  Obviously there must be some wild thrill to it, because Crow does it like it’s going out of style. As long as … Continue reading

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Some weekends with the kids, I nearly grit my teeth down to bloody nubs and damn near sever my own tongue, biting back words that are quite true but nonetheless don’t need to be said where the kids can hear. … Continue reading

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Spiders and ER’s

When a neurotic, borderline personality-inflicted nutcase is desperate for attention, you will know it.  Trust me.  I have been living with Crow in our lives, wanted or not, for over a decade now, so I am a bit of a … Continue reading

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Who Needs a Helmet?

Pfffttt!  Who needs a helmet or any silly pads while skateboarding?  Certainly not an 11-year-old child like Sunflower!  At least this seems to be the selfish and bullshit thought process of Mother of the Year candidate, Crow, who not only … Continue reading

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Does She Really Need Her Ears, Anyway?

As Dove’s 8th birthday approached earlier this summer, she excitedly announced that her mother would be taking her to get her ears pierced.  I smiled, but I groaned inwardly, because I already knew what that meant.  Crow wants the accolades … Continue reading

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I’m Back!

Miss me?  I haven’t been posting here much lately, for several reasons.  One, I’ve been insanely busy.  Two, I have been focusing on a weight loss blog and wanted to put my attention and time into that.  If you are … Continue reading

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