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Ten Years

Out of curiosity, I scrolled back to see when I wrote the first post on this blog. Well, hey!  It just happened to be in October of 2007.  Wow, my first post here was 10 years ago. Most of the … Continue reading

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The Mellowed-Out Cat

In the process of resurrecting my blog, in making updates and reading through old posts, I feel almost like I should change the name to The Mellowed-Out and Relatively Calm Cat.  My posts are far less sarcastic rants and rage-filled … Continue reading

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Under Construction…

This blog has sported the same outfit pretty much since its inception in 2007…I figured it was high time for some changes, updates, a facelift. I can’t seem to get away from dark backgrounds or a purple/hot pink/blue color scheme, … Continue reading

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Gary’s Blog

Over a year and a half ago, I posted here about Gary’s new blog, Gary’s Greetings, a blog I started for him to showcase some of the drawings he was creating for the kids and sketches he made that were … Continue reading

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A New Look

I decided to give Gary’s drawing blog a bit of a facelift before he gets home. Check out its ever-evolving face here, and let me know what you think! I’m still fussing with the colors, since I’m not used to … Continue reading

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Recipe for Me

If you can handle it, this is the recipe for Smirking Cat, according to The Recipe For Smirking Cat 3 parts Enchantment2 parts Brilliance1 part Compassion Splash of Uniqueness Finish off with whipped cream What’s the Recipe for Your … Continue reading

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Gary’s New Blog!

Gary and I have been trying our best to find silver linings in this situation, to stay positive, to learn from all of this and move forward as better people. One positive for Gary has been that he has turned … Continue reading

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